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ACES Electrical Estimating Software

Electrical estimating software written by electrical estimators for electrical contractors!

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  • ACES is subscription based... $49.99 a month.

  • You can pause or modify your subscription at any time.

  • Only pay for the months you need to use ACES. Simply pause your plan when not needed.

  • No penalties for skipping months... simply start paying again.

  • ACES has been around nearly 20 years (since 1997).

  • ACES was designed and used by electrical estimators prior to market. We continue to update ACES with feedback from our users.

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    If you're looking for electrical estimating software that's affordable and of professional quality, then ACES is one of programs that you should consider. Not only does our electrical estimating software contain many of the features you need, but it's available at subscription pricing. In existence for close to two decades, our company is one you can trust 100 percent.

    ACES is a first-rate piece of electrical estimating software for several reasons. But first and foremost, has to be our subscription based pricing model. Pay only when you need it, no "restarting" fees. We're also extremely convenient and hassle-free in that we don't require any time-consuming upfront costs, time or setup fees. Our customers appreciate this because it allows them to save precious cash -- a serious advantage. Finally, our customers are only required to pay once they require the actual software. If one of our customers wishes to restart his or her subscription, we don't charge any fees. When you temporarily pause or end your subscription with us, you simply resume without having to worry about dealing with frustrating costs.

    ACES was created by a team of seasoned electrical estimators... it was created by estimators for estimators. We've designed the software for electrical contractors.

    We currently provide all potential new customers with an excellent incentive to check out our estimating software -- an exciting special offer in the form of a discount (must order within 72 hours of download). You have the choice between getting ACES for a monthly fee and paying annually... If you select the annual fee option, you get one month totally free (12 months for the price of 11)! The choice is entirely up to you.

    Our company aims to continue improving our electrical software on a nonstop basis. Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us... we value feedback from our customers. We listen carefully to what our customers have to say about our estimating software and make any necessary improvements and adjustments accordingly. If our customers appreciate certain features of our estimating software, we also make a point to keep them or make them even better, too. Our software is always a work in progress.

    If you're looking for a great product and overall affordability then ACES is what you are looking for.

    Questions? Choose between two ways of contacting us. You can send us an email at info@acesestimating.com or call us direct at (727) 524-8443. Our goal is always pure customer satisfaction. When you purchase our estimating software, you can always feel more than confident in your choice. Whether you're concerned about affordability or about dependability, we'll be sure to exceed your expectations.

    ACES Electrical Estimating Software
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